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Ed Waller Driving Instructor

About Lessons

Learning to drive should be fun!  But it's also a very important skill for life, so I aim to teach you, in an enjoyable way: how to control the car, stay safe on the road, deal with everything that might happen and predict the actions of other road users - and then the driving test becomes a formality, not a scary target!


Tracking your progress.  At the start of your training I will provide a personalised training record and reference book, which we will update every lesson so we both know where you are and what we plan to do next.  The contents of the reference part will vary, depending on the stage of your training, but will give appropriate hints and tips for various aspects of learning.


Theory test.  If you haven't done so already, you will need to pass a theory test so that you know what signs and regulations mean. You cannot book a practical test without this, so get studying that highway code!  The test is in two parts, comprising 50 multiple choice questions on aspects of driving and the highway code and a hazard perception excercise.  I can help you with both parts and provide training materials if needed.


Mock Test.  When you are at a suitable stage, I usually conduct a mock test, so you can get an idea of how the real one works and I can see how you perform under pressure!


Practical Test.  35 - 40 minutes with an examiner sitting next to you.  If you are properly prepared, it's not a difficult test!


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